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Courtesy/Affiliated Faculty

Namesort icon Position Title Specialty e-mail_new Office Address Phone
Betts, Matthew

Courtesy Assistant Professor

Forest landscape ecology

Clark, Jorie

Courtesy Assistant Professor

Quaternary geology, paleoclimatology, archaeology

clarkjc@geo.oregonstate.edu 2030 CORD 541.737.1575
Emanuel, Robert

Water Resources Project Manager
Clean Water Services

Water Resources

EmanuelR@CleanWaterServices.org 503.681.3652
Grant, Gordon

Courtesy Professor

Fluvial Geomorphology

gordon.grant@oregonstate.edu FSL 280W 541.750.7328
Hostetler, Steven W. Courtesy Associate Professor Climate Modeling, Hydrologist steve@coas.oregonstate.edu 541.737.8928
Hunter, Nancee Courtesy Assistant Professor Geography Education nancee.hunter@oregonstate.edu 541.867.0357
Lahr, John

Courtesy Professor

Seismology, Seismology Education

Marble, Duane

Courtesy Professor

Geographic Information Science and Technology

Reusser, Debbie

Courtesy Assistant Professor

Marine and estuarine ecology, GIScience

dreusser@usgs.gov 541.867.4045
Rushdi, Ahmed

Courtesy Appointment

arushdi@coas.oregonstate.edu 255 WLKN 541.737.5707
Shafer, Sarah

Courtesy Appointment

Tilt, Jenna Courtesy Assistant Professor Land Use, Rural Resource Planning tiltj@onid.orst.edu
White, Denis

Courtesy Research Assistant

Geographic Analysis

whitede@onid.orst.edu 541.758.8525