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Namesort icon Position Title Specialty e-mail_new Office Address
Becker, Laurence

Associate Professor

Agricultural and food systems, development, Africa (Mali and Côte d'Ivoire)

beckerla@geo.oregonstate.edu 238 Wilkinson Hall
Becker, Laurie Instructor Geographic Information Systems and Sustainability beckelo@geo.oregonstate.edu 221 Wilkinson Hall
Bloomer, Sherman Dean for College of Science
Marine Geology, Geochemistry, Petrology sherman.bloomer@oregonstate.edu 128 Kidder Hall
Brook, Ed


Paleoclimatology, geochemistry

brooke@geo.oregonstate.edu 130 Wilkinson Hall
Campana, Michael Professor Hydrogeology, hydrophilanthropy, and water resources aquadoc@oregonstate.edu 202B Wilkinson Hall
Clark, Peter


clarkp@geo.oregonstate.edu 138 Wilkinson Hall
Cook, Steve Senior Instructor Conservation cooks@geo.oregonstate.edu 140 Wilkinson Hall
Corcoran, Patrick

Associate Professor
Hazards Outreach Specialist
Sea Grant Extension
Clatsop County Extension

Hazards Outreach

patrick.corcoran@oregonstate.edu 2001 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103
de Silva, Lynette

Associate Director, Water Conflict Management and Transformation
Coordinator, IDES Program

Water resources and conflict management 

desilval@geo.oregonstate.edu 256 Wilkinson Hall
de Silva, Shanaka (Shan)

Please see Shan's new page at CEOAS

Dilles, John Professor Geology and geochemistry of mineral deposits, field geology dillesj@geo.oregonstate.edu 146 Wilkinson Hall
Gosnell, Hannah

Associate Professor

Rural geography, natural resource management, the U.S. West

gosnellh@geo.oregonstate.edu 202D Wilkinson Hall
Graham, Jim

Visiting Assistant Professor

GIS, Biogeography, Modeling Migrations

James.Graham@oregonstate.edu 114 Wilkinson Hall
Grunder, Anita


Igneous petrology, volcanology, geochemistry

grundera@geo.oregonstate.edu 14 Dawes House
Haggerty, Roy

Hollis M. Dole Professor of Environmental Geology

Hydrogeology, hydrology

haggertr@geo.oregonstate.edu 216 Wilkinson Hall
Hunter, Nancee

Director of Education
Oregon Sea Grant

nancee.hunter@oregonstate.edu HMSC
Jarvis, Todd Assistant Professor, Sr. Researcher, Associate Director of the Institute for Water and Watersheds Engineering geology, geography of groundwater, online dispute resolution Todd.Jarvis@oregonstate.edu 202 Wilkinson Hall
Jenny, Bernhard

Assistant Professor

Cartography, geovisualization, GIS

jennyb@geo.oregonstate.edu 260 Wilkinson Hall
Jenny, Helen

Research Associate Postdoc

hjenny@coas.oregonstate.edu 114 Burt Hall
Jones, Julia


Spatio-temporal statistics, forest hydrology, landscape ecology, surface processes, biogeography

jonesj@geo.oregonstate.edu 220 Wilkinson Hall
Keller, Randy Associate Professor
Senior Research
Marine Geology, Igneous Geochemistry kellerr@geo.oregonstate.edu 113 Wilkinson Hall
Kent, Adam J.R.

Associate Professor

High temperature geochemistry, Igneous petrology, In-situ elemental and isotopic analysis

adam.kent@geo.oregonstate.edu 236 Wilkinson Hall
Lancaster, Stephen T.

Associate Professor

Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology

lancasts@geo.oregonstate.edu 142 Wilkinson Hall
Lewis, Sarah Senior Faculty Research Assistant sarah.lewis@oregonstate.edu 287 FSL
Meigs, Andrew J.

Geology Program Director

Active tectonics, tectonic geomorphology, structural geology

meigsa@geo.oregonstate.edu 246 Wilkinson Hall
Meyers, S. Mark Senior Faculty Research Assistant GIS, Wildlife Management meyerss@geo.oregonstate.edu 204b Wilkinson Hall
Nielsen, Roger L. Professor Igneous Petrology, analytical geochemistry, trace element modeling, phase equilibria, electron microprobe analysis nielsenr@geo.oregonstate.edu 252 Wilkinson Hall
Nolin, Anne W. Associate Professor Mountain hydroclimatology, snow and ice in the climate system, remote sensing nolina@geo.oregonstate.edu 120 Wilkinson Hall
Ruggiero, Peter

Associate Professor
Senior Research

Coastal Geomorphology, Coastal Hazards, Nearshore Processes

ruggierp@science.oregonstate.edu 134 Wilkinson Hall
Santelmann, Mary V.

Associate Professor, Senior Research
Director, Water Resources Graduate Program

Wetlands ecology, biogeography

santelmm@geo.oregonstate.edu 258 Wilkinson Hall
Tepley, Frank

Assistant Professor, Senior Research

Igneous petrology, Isotope geochemistry, Electron probe microscopy

Electron Microprobe Laboratory

ftepley@coas.oregonstate.edu 116 Wilkinson Hall
Walsh, Kuuipo

GIScience Program Director, Instructor

GIS, metadata, marine resource management

kuuipo.walsh@oregonstate.edu 221 Wilkinson Hall
Wolf, Aaron Professor
Department Chair
Water Resources Policy and Conflict Resolution, Middle East Geopolitics wolfa@geo.oregonstate.edu 212 Wilkinson Hall
Wright, Dawn J.

on leave Sept 2011 to Dec 2013 with Esri

GIS, marine science, ocean informatics

dawn@dusk.geo.orst.edu 114 Wilkinson Hall
Yalcin, Kaplan

Senior Instructor and Program Director

Distance and online education, undergraduate research, paleoclimatology

yalcink@geo.oregonstate.edu 250 Wilkinson Hall